• Lucy Admin
    Hi everyone,

    Met Magazine - the magazine for Manchester Metropolitan University - will be publishing an article about their Young Voices study, which is about the experiences of young people who hear voices.

    In their article, Met Magazine wants to include the experience of a young person who hears voices by interviewing them. If you'd like to be interviewed, they would interview you alongside Eve from Voice Collective - so you wouldn't have to do the interview alone. You could tell the magazine's readers about what it's been like for you as a young person hearing voices.

    If you want to be in the magazine but don't want your name or photo, that's ok - we could choose a 'fake name' for you, and the magazine wouldn't need to use any photos.

    If you're curious about this opportunity but want to know more first, that's ok - you can ask us about it by replying to this post, private messaging me or emailing

    Best wishes,

    - forum facilitator & Voice Collective development worker
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