• Young People's Webinar Friday 26th February 6-8pm!
    I'm 25 so could I register? I know when I turn 26 I wouldn't be able to and will have to stop being a member of vc. It says 16-25 does that include 25year olds? Because atm I'm still 25 until April
  • Idea? If not okay to post you can delete admins
    Yeah I guess I mean after covid has finally ended because that day will come evan it's a while away yet. Yeah that's why I said if you do give members this optional opportunity to check it's okay with staff where they want to put one up first and I think if this does come an opportunity in the future I think it should be a poster like the same main page on the vc website...I know people might like to make their own vc posters but I think what people put up should be the same poster and vc official. I think it would be best to share them to members that want to put one up vc could send them to the member via their email.
  • ?
    The space, it's new, it says opportunitys but I'm not sure what for..